Test and Treat Strategy to End AIDS

Test-and-Treat strategy to end aids

Working for an AIDS-free generation

We believe that HIV/AIDS can be stopped.

Test & Treat to End AIDS was formed in 2010 to advocate for a strategy that hinged on expanded voluntary testing for HIV and immediate drug treatment for those testing positive regardless of their CD4 count or viral load. We believed this aggressive approach could halt the spread of HIV.

At that time, relatively few people agreed with us.

But that has changed — dramatically. With several scientific studies supporting our view, including a landmark National Institutes of Health study in May 2011 (HPTN 052), and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton endorsing the approach in November 2011, the test-and-treat strategy is getting the attention it deserves.

The U.S. government has pledged additional financial resources to scale up test-and-treat along with expanding other demonstrated prevention strategies. The goal of an AIDS-free generation, Secretary Clinton has said, “may be ambitious, but it is possible [and] would be one of the greatest gifts the United States could give to our collective future.”

We agree.