About TTEA - Test and Treat to End AIDS

About Test & Treat to End AIDS

Test & Treat to End AIDS is an international partnership consisting of scientists, doctors, evaluation experts and people living with HIV/AIDS who have helped to develop both the strategy and the scientific underpinning of test-and-treat. Formed in 2010, TTEA has successfully advocated for the funding of several large-scale proof-of-concept research studies that helped determine how best the test-and-treat strategy can be economically scaled up to stop the transmission of HIV, reduce costs and save lives.

Until recently, a person who was infected with HIV did not begin drug therapy until his or her immune system became compromised — the test-and-wait approach. However, a series of preliminary studies showed that the spread of HIV/AIDS can be controlled through regular voluntary testing of the population and immediate treatment of those who are infected — the test-and-treat strategy. Most notably, a 2011 National Institutes of Health study (HPTN 052) found that among couples in which one partner had HIV and one didn’t, drug therapy cut HIV transmission to the uninfected partner by 96 percent.

Immediate treatment suppresses the virus, making transmission significantly less likely, reducing the number of new cases and cutting long-term costs.

Today, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, the World Health Organization and other leading global health organizations agree that test-and-treat is the most effective strategy to end the epidemic until a vaccine is developed. To that end, TTEA has begun the last phase of this initiative: supporting full global implementation of the test-and-treat strategy. Along with other partners, TTEA is exploring a range of funding options, including quantitative easing, to fully fund this humanitarian campaign in 21 African countries.